How often should I get my windows cleaned?
We recommend inside once or twice a year and outside two or three times a year. If you live near a body of water or near a wooded area you might need it more often. We have some clients that do outside every month.
Do you offer a guarantee / Is there a rain guarantee, in case it rains right after I get my windows cleaned?
Our guarantee covers rain. If it rains and for any reason you are not satisfied when the sun comes out, please call us (within 48 hours) and we will return as soon as possible to address any concerns that you might have.
Do you clean in the rain?
Yes, unless there is a hurricane we work thru the rain because in Florida it could be sunny in fifteen minutes.
How do I count my windows?
We offer examples of window counting on our get a quote page. Our quotes are free by filling out our online form.
How long have you been in business and is the company licensed and insured?

We’ve been in business since 1993 and yes, we are licensed and carry $1 million in liability insurance.

Exactly what do you do when you clean my windows?
For exterior work we use cutting edge, state of the art technology, our Pure Clean System to brush and rinse away all dirt (with a complimentary rinse of the screen) leaving a crystal clear exterior shine. For interior work we use a damp sponge with gentle window cleaning product to wash the window and a squeegee to remove dirt and cleaning solution and then wipe ledge with a towel.
Can you give me an estimate over the phone?
We offer free quotes on our website. On the free quotes page you can answer 5 questions and get a quote within 24 hours (usually in a couple of hours).
Is it normal for windows to be wet when you finish exterior window washing?
Our Pure Clean System sometimes leaves water on the window. The remaining water has less than .000005 percent of any contaminants and dries perfectly clean.
Do you have a referral program if I refer you business.
Yes we appreciate referrals and offer you discounts for sending us new customers. Discounts vary and are usually explained in the current promotion.
Do you have referrals in my neighborhood?
We serve in many neighborhoods including New Tampa, Tampa Palms, The Reserve, Hunters Green, Arbor Greene, Cory Lake Isles, West Meadows, Live Oak Preserve, K-Bar Ranch, Grand Hampton, Meadow Pointe, Seven Oaks, The Ridge, Estancia, Saddlebrooke, Quail Hollow, Lexington Oaks, Grand Oaks, Avila, Cheval, Westchase, Westshore, Bayshore, Davis Island, Harbour Island, Odessa, Keystone Lake and more…
Do you require contracts?
When we send you a quote, you have the option to sign for approval so we can schedule the work. This is important so that there is clear communication about what the job entails and what the charge will be.
Do you offer any other services?

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